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1:1 Strategy


Need something completely tailored and all about you?  Join me for a personal one on one session where we dedicate a 3hr session or full day to work on time management, decision fatigue, growing your business, getting clear on the bigger picture and everything else in between.

And I get it! Once you've decided to work with a mentor you are ready for action that's why our 1:1 session journey begins before we even meet with a discovery tool to ensure you get clarity on where you are, where you want to be and together we'll most importantly define how to get there.  

Contact me to find out more or to book your 1:1 Strategy sessions.


From someone who threw themselves into business without really knowing what to do, finding Vanessa from Helm has literally been (business) life saving! 

Vanessa came to our 1:1 session with check lists (my fave!) to go over with me my strengths and where I could use a little more guidance. The check lists where explained in great detail and Vanessa made sure to answer all my questions no matter how big or small. 

I left the session with crystal clear knowledge on my next steps to take and  a plan on how to achieve my number goals for the year to come. 

I think it took me 2 weeks after this session to try and book another. 

Vanessa is the lady you want if you’re needing a mentor who knows her stuff and a personal cheerleader. My wins are her wins, too!

Toya Stallan
3 Moons Planners


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