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About Me



I’m Vanessa, mum of three little ladies, Frances who is 6, Violet (aka Winnie) who is 4 and Florence who is 1.  I’ve been married to my real life super hero Kris for 9 years.


I grew up in Charleville in Western Queensland, started my hairdressing career in Brisbane in the early 2000’s, and settled in Toowoomba, QLD in 2010.  

I started my business journey with Profile Hair Design and yes I am actually that old, 38 to be exact. 


Over the last 11 years I have grown my business from 2 to 11 employees, and endeavoured to flip the ‘industry standard’ of hairdressing employment and leadership on its head.  I have also given birth to my 3 daughters, purchased my dream home, regularly holiday with my family and prioritise my fitness and self care. 

But how do I know I can help other women find similar success? Because I’ve already done it for my team.  I have strived to create as much work/life balance for my employees as possible.  As well as expanding education for these ladies beyond the confines of Hairdressing and into the world of boundaries and self care.  


I don’t pretend to know it all or that I am doing it perfectly myself, in fact there are many moments throughout my journey that make me cringe. I do however promise that if I know the answer I will not only tell you but I will teach you, and if I don’t know the answer I will find someone who does. 


I am the Founder of Helm Mentoring and I believe that I can help women feel a whole new level of support. 

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